Dog-Dance: di cosa si tratta?

Il binomio esegue esercizi a ritmo musicale, il conduttore chiede al cane di eseguire esercizi che conosce creando una coreografia in sintonia con la musica scelta.

La musica deve essere indicata per la coppia, la creazione della coreografia è libera non ha limitazioni, tranne quella di avere rispetto per la fisicità del cane, ci sono limiti di tempo, il massimo è 2 minuti per le classi 1, poi si aumenta il tempo come le classi.

“Zampette in musica” è un gruppo di Cislago, abbiamo iniziato la disciplina della Dog-Dance cinque anni fa, abbiamo gareggiato con i nostri cani in Italia ed all’estero, è una disciplina difficile, molto precisa, soprattutto i risultati si vedono dopo anni di lavoro, i giudizi sono molto severi, e non si deve mai esasperare la fisicità del cane. Il cane esegue esercizi a ritmo musicale, ed il conduttore deve essere vestito in modo adeguato, la performance non deve superare i due minuti.
Ci occupiamo anche di Disc-Dog, qui il cane è auto gratificato dalla presa del disco, le gare sono divise in, Distance, cioè il cane deve cercare di prendere il disco oltre determinate yarde,  Freestyle il cane ed il conduttore eseguono più lanci e prese, anche con l’aiuto di figure tipo la dog-dance.
La nostra finalità non è quella di vincere gare, ma di divertirsi con i nostri cani.

Special Guest: Yvonne Belin


My name is Yvonne Belin, born in Stockholm 19 ….. 😉 However, I have been living in Lucerne, Switzerland for many years. But I’m still a Swedish citizen, so in my chest 2 hearts beat , one for Sweden and one for Switzerland.

Along with my “assistant” Alice, I used to work as an university teacher in Lugano (SUPSI), where we have our second home in Sorengo. I am married to Kazuto Kagiyama (Japanese citizen) who has also become incurably infected with the freestyle bacillus. He supports us wherever he can and serves as our coach, photographer and moral assistance 😉

Yvonne-Belin-2Alice Jewel del Mulino Prudenza (6 years old bitch) is the only Swiss citizen in our patchwork-family – not only that : she is Ticinese from Novazzano !!! I started training canine freestyle 4 years ago – to start with to improve our mutual collaboration and communication (in one word  = obedience 😉 ). I myself have always loved music and jazz-dance, so this type of sport suited me very well. We both soon became real enthusiasts about this type of training with a twist. For the handler just as much as for the dog it is a competitive sport, but with so much fun! Once you have discovered the creative side of this trendy sport you become addicted to Dog Dance. My dog and I got a kick out of it very soon, and Alice turned out to be a real talent. After only one year’s training we scored really well at different national and international championships.

Moreover, we have a 2 years old border collie bitch named Lisa. Although she is from the same line of breed, she is the pure opposite of Alice. She is wild, impatient, rubust, overconfident, strong willed, a bundle of fun and….. a source of regular nervous breakdowns ….. At these nerve cracking moments, we call her “Pokémon” 😉 However, she is incredibly intelligent and charming: she’ll twist you round her finger and you won’t know it!!
I have only just started to train freestyle with her and she’s already showing great enthusiasm for the sport and is a promising talent.

Yvonne-Belin-3Dog Dance is a fast growing spectator dog sport with an increasing number of active teams (handler and dog) competing worldwide. Talent shows all over the globe feature dog dance numbers. Freestyle is an unique opportunity to have fun with your dog. Next to the fun-factor this sport also has an addiction-factor. No other dog sport allows you to express yourself with so much creativity, individuality and passion. Moreover, training dog dance develops the dog’s mental and physical skills in a very soft and healthy way. And, it enhances the bond between the dog and the handler.

The individual choice of music, moves, story, choreography, emotions conveyed, costume etc. allows the team to demonstrate its skills and personality. This flexibility of the sport allows people and dogs of any age, training level, handicap or dog breed to practice the sport.

Freestyle incorporates traditionaYvonne-Belin-4l dog obedience and the art of dressage (horse sport) with the inclusion of musical interpretation, dance element and (if desired) costumes and props. This has, however, nothing to do with circus performances, for which we have the highest respect and admiration. The difference is, that competing at a dog sport means having to submit to rules and guidelines defined by govering canine associations, in order to safeguard and protect the well-beeing of the dog.

To me canine freestyle is a sport which creates a wonderful partnership and strong bond between the handler and his dog. It’s a unique combination of music, dance, stage performance and dog training. It’s just a magical moment when you realise that your dog all of a sudden understands what you want him to do, when you notice that your both’s movements are coordinate, harmonious and pleasing to watch: That’s the moment when true communication between two distinct beeings becomes visible.

First there’s nothing
But a slow glowing dream…

Well, I hear the music
I close my eyes, feel the rhythm wrap around, and take a hold of my heart…

What a feeling,
Being is believing I can have it all,
Now I’m dancing for my life
Take your passion and make it happen
Pictures come alive
You can dance right through your life.

(from “What a Feeling”, Flashdance)

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